Steven W. Giovinco’s Recover Reputation Picks Crucial Business Trends for 2013: Your Online Reputation; Content Marketing; Video

Three crucial business trends and predictions for 2013 that every business should know to generate more leads and get more business.

New York, NY, January 06, 2013 --( Steven W. Giovinco of Recover Reputation, a leading online reputation management and repair firm, selects three key business trends for 2013 that will generate more leads and more business.

“Online reputation management, online content marketing and online video marketing will continue to drive lead development, sale strategies and user engagement,” says Steven W. Giovinco, an online marketing and reputation expert.

Recover Reputation shares three crucial business trends and predictions for 2013 that every business should know about.

Online Reputation Management for All, Including Professionals Steven W. Giovinco sees 2013 as the break-out year for online reputation management and repair.

Online reputation management will go beyond restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp. In 2013, professionals and small businesses will focus on online reputation management as a regular part of doing business and will be a major focus of their lead generation process, predicts Recover Reputation.

Word of mouth recommendations will continue to be important for professionals but will be supplemented with good quality and carefully developed online reputations, notes Steven Giovinco.

Potential clients will search online looking for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, financial advisors, etc. and will be checking their online presence, reviews and search results before deciding to work with them.

Online Content Marketing
Recover Reputation identifies online content marketing as another important business trend for 2013.

“Due to recent and continued changes in Google’s search algorithm, search engine optimization techniques has been forced to evolve drastically,” says Giovinco.

“The past way of optimizing a web site using backlinks, key search terms and other approaches are important but will no longer be the main focus of driving traffic and generating business leads. Content will be king in 2013 and for the foreseeable future,” he notes.

For businesses to succeed in this new era, Recover Reputation recommends creating targeted writing for blogs, articles, press releases and even web site text. Posting promotional announcements or general information has become much less important and poorly written information could be a liability in 2013. As a result, an area that will see increased development is content marketing.

“Online content marketing is a way of producing excellent, useful and pertinent content for the end user. It’s not purely a marketing or sales technique—rather, it gives away key information to build trust in the reader which helps convert them to a customer,” says Steven W. Giovinco.

Online Video Marketing
The last important business trend from Recover Reputation is online video marketing.

Video in 2013 will be used more by businesses and professionals to build a great online presence and to show the customer or client that they are an expert in their field.

“'Talking heads,' or brief interviews by the company’s owner will be replaced with more sophisticated and engaging brief videos tailored to solving a specific problem for the client or user, and will be published to additional platforms besides YouTube, such as industry specific sites and communities,” says Steven.
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