The National Hyperbaric Directory Comes to Hyperbaric Options LLC

Detroit, MI, January 06, 2013 --( The National Hyperbaric Directory, founded in 2009, has recently undergone a number of dynamic changes to improve its online performance and the online interface users interact with while searching the directory.

One major change to the directory is its new home. The National Hyperbaric Directory is now hosted under a “Directory” tab within the Hyperbaric Options LLC corporate website. This new location will provide more traffic to the directory and the various advertising partners throughout the website. In addition, a dynamic search menu is featured throughout the website sidebar, allowing visitors to begin a new search from virtually any page within the site.

This new dynamic search tool allows users to populate listings based on location (state), equipment (mild, monoplace, multiplace), facility type (hospitals and free standing clinics), and by the type of indications treated (approved and/or off label conditions). As dynamic as this new search menu is, the company is already testing a keyword search addition planned for the first quarter of 2013.

The directory listings themselves have taken on an extensive makeover as well. Now, all listings provide a complete address as well as providing an accurate telephone contact. In fact, the National Hyperbaric Directory prides itself in being the Largest, most Inclusive, and Accurate directory within the industry. While other directory services are waiting for clinics to contact them, the National Hyperbaric Directory annually contacts each clinic located within its directory to verify information and to share new and exciting services being offered. Since its inception, accuracy has been the primary focus of the National Hyperbaric Directory. In fact, nearly 40% of the contact information that was verified during the first year was inaccurate; most of which still remains to be updated by services without such a mission.

Maintaining and expanding such a directory in a fast growing industry such as hyperbaric therapies is no easy task. For this reason, it takes the company almost an entire year to contact the various providers. As such, providers are urged to contact Hyperbaric Options LLC to expedite any necessary changes or to upgrade to one of the site’s more attractive and detailed listing options.

To learn more about this new site enhancement from the team at Hyperbaric Options, please contact the company’s in-house team or visit their website at
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Greg Harris