Nashville Transmission Repair Offers 10% Off Auto Transmission Repair to Begin New Year

Grisham’s Transmission Center helps drivers begin the New Year with less stress and huge savings on auto transmission service.

Nashville, TN, January 08, 2013 --( Nashville transmission repair shop, Grisham’s Transmission Center ( is offering 10% off the cost of transmission repair to begin the New Year.

Harold Grisham, owner and president of Grisham’s Transmission Center announced today that for a limited time, his shop is offering $150 off every repair of $1200 or more.

“This is a limited time offer but we want all drivers in Nashville and Dickson, TN to know that they do not have to go into the New Year with the same transmission issues they had last year. We can save them money and fix their transmission at the same time,” Grisham said in his Nashville, TN office earlier today.

The leader in Nashville transmission repair and service also announced he is offering $20 off all other repairs until the end of February, 2013.

“For all other transmission repair and services, we are offering the discount to make sure that no car owner or driver will postpone their transmission repair due to cost. It is important that your transmission is working correctly or you could find yourself stuck in the middle of the road somewhere,” Grisham said.

The transmission expert said he considers his customers as friends and family, and takes all repair and service jobs seriously.

“We offer all customers a fair and extremely competitive price on all of our services. We treat every car that we service as if it were our own; we do this because when we repair a vehicle we're not only servicing the car, we're keeping all the occupants of that car safe,” Grisham continued.

He said that some of the warning signs drivers should watch out for include leaking transmission fluids, erratic shifting, slipping gears and vehicles that will not move.

“Vehicle owners should always pay careful attention to the sounds and smells of their car because being able to catch an early warning sign can make a difference between a simple transmission service and a complete transmission replacement. Some of the more common warning signs to watch out for include erratic shifting, vehicle that will not move, fluid leaks and slipping gears. Catch them early and you could save a lot of money on the repairs,” Grisham said.

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