HealthCarePoint Completes the Integration of Transnational Collaborative Platform for Healthcare and Clinical Research

Connecting HealthCare and Clinical Research

Austin, TX, January 08, 2013 --( HealthCarePoint, formerly Hillicon Technologies, a Texas-based networking technology corporation best known for delivering industry educational standards and certification programs using the TrainingCampus Network, today announced it has integrated eight distinct networking collaborative applications independently proven to streamline the healthcare and clinical research processes worldwide.

This first-of-its-kind platform’s applications include the TrainingCampus® Network, the International Electronic Education Network (IEEN®), PET-ABC® Network, PET-Share™, PET-Exchange™, Clinical E-Learning™, CME-CE, and e-Com. These applications encompass an array of networking services including the sharing of verified Personal Experience and Training (PET) records, permission-based and authorized exchange of professional information, business managerial tools, compliance tracking, customs logistics, global training/education, certification and accreditation provider network and a purchasing club, among other services.

Each application is independently proven to save millions of dollars in time, resources, technology costs, waste and duplication/redundancies for national and international organizations, government, universities, sponsors, CROs, IRBs, not-for-profit organizations, trainers and educators. These applications have proven to be some of the most important building blocks in the overall vision of streamlining healthcare and clinical research.

With more than 400,000 registered members, growing at an average of 6,000 new registrants per month, HealthCarePoint has become one of the fastest growing networks in healthcare and clinical research and is poised to save the industry billions of dollars.

“It is important in our industry to prove mass user acceptance before technology is adapted by institutions,” says Al O. Pacino, HealthCarePoint president. “Most organizations, sites and physicians offices still use paper-based processes or have homegrown electronic systems that are siloed by nature.

“We have been incubating each of our applications independently for the past six years and now that the applications can be managed seamlessly from one platform, every organization involved in healthcare and clinical research can take advantage of the proven collaborative environment and the power of efficiencies that HealthCarePoint has created. Any industry provider in the service/supply chain including technology vendors, products, services and specialty providers, customs compliance, healthcare and clinical research, regulatory and others can now participate without the concerns of technology cost or proof of concept.”

Accolades from HealthCarePoint Collaborators:

"Effective application of systems thinking to provide comprehensive, collaborative solutions for the global clinical research endeavor requires a robust, integrated technology platform. The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) sees the networking technology offered by HealthCarePoint as a proven approach for acquiring, archiving and sharing essential documents and information. The potential of HCP's integrated applications package has only begun to be tapped.” – Greg Koski, PhD, MD, President and CEO, Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES)

“We estimate that our organization has saved more than $100,000 dollars in time and resources during the first year, and we are poised to save an average of $30,000+ on an annual basis due to being able to automate previously manual processes.” – John JD. Juchniewicz, MCIS, CCMEP, President, American Academy of CME

“Investigator sites have been eagerly awaiting the official release of this sharing and networking technology, and because the technology is free to sites, there are tremendous efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for sponsors and CROs, as well as sites. There is also genuine enthusiasm for acceptance, implementation and adaptation at the site level!” – Charles Wilcox, Ph.D., Director, Pharmacology Research Institute

“We are excited about our involvement with these latest networking technologies. The ability to share and exchange PET records will certainly be a value-add to our products and a tremendous benefit to sites, CROs and sponsors using our Clinical Conductor clinical trial management systems. The technologies will also facilitate adoption of our upcoming certification program. The new HealthCarePoint platform complements our ongoing strategy of collaboration across the research environment and commitment to providing best-in-class tools.” – Maria Durkin, Vice-President, COO, Bio-Optronics, Inc.

“The TrainingCampus platform is proving popular with a series of European academic trials, having already been used by industry sponsors. It is ideally suited to handling the multinational training and certification needs of our researchers.” – Ken Lees, MD, Director, Acute Stroke Project, University of Glasgow

“Case studies now show that the Customs application has proven to save organizations millions of dollars in time and resources when dealing with customs tracking and compliance.” – Burke Thompson, President, CustomsPoint, Inc.

“Adopting proven disruptive collaborative technologies will have the broadest positive impact across industry, government and academia and is a key component for catalyzing the transformation of Healthcare and Pharma innovation”– Kim I. Bishop, PhD, President, Global Pharma Consultancy, LLC

“With the continued support from industry visionary leaders, as well as a global network of providers and their organizations, HealthCarePoint is committed to leveraging new collaborative networking technologies and its user base to connect healthcare and clinical research,” says Pacino. “We are lowering, and in some cases eliminating, costs associated with many technologies, duplication, redundancies, training and education, in addition to lowering other costs associated with the purchase of clinical products, services and specialties commonly used in industry.

“The collaborative highways are been paved. Case studies have proven that there are new and innovative ways to manage healthcare and clinical research so that every organization has an opportunity to participate and become a part of the solution to streamline the healthcare and clinical research process.”

For more information on how you can become involved, please visit us at e-mail call 512-302-3113
Al O. Pacino