Secret Compass Announces Most Ambitious Expedition Yet - a Daring Trek Into the Jungles of the Darien Gap

Team members wanted for pioneering expedition into the unexplored jungles of the Darien Gap in Central America.

London, United Kingdom, January 09, 2013 --( In March 2013 an expedition is due to embark upon a daring trek into hitherto unknown regions of this infamous rainforest in search of evidence of a lost civilization.

Expedition Leader Levison Wood, a professional explorer said “This will be an exciting opportunity for photographers, conservationists and archeologists or in fact anyone searching for a bit of adventure. We will be literally hacking through the jungle in an attempt to locate missing petroglyphs (stone carvings) that have been dated back to between 3000-5000 years old.”

Wood says the expedition is open to anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and a sense of adventure. The two week journey begins in the Panama capital before driving to the end of the road where the jungle begins. It is known as the Darien gap because it is the only break in the 10,000 mile Pan American highway and is a virtually unexplored region of tropical rainforest and swampland separating Panama and Colombia.

The area was once famous for drug smugglers and as being a hideout for the Colombian rebel group FARC, but is now safe for travellers.

Rick Morales, the local guide has already been on two recce missions to the area to arrange local transport in the form of dugout canoes and porters. “Conditions will be difficult,” said the guide, “but jungle adventures don’t get more awesome than this. It will be challenging but I think we can do it. I hope we can discover more petroglyphs.”

The two week expedition costs £2499 GBP (Land only) see Secret Compass for more details.
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