2013 Calendar of Electronics Thermal Management Webinars Announced by Advanced Thermal Solutions

Twenty four technical webinars on electronics thermal management will be presented in 2013 by the engineers of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. Most will be 15 minute, specially-targeted training segments to fit an engineer’s busy schedule.

Norwood, MA, January 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., ATS will provide two free technical webinars each month in 2013. Presented by PhD-level thermal engineers, each event will focus on an important area of electronics thermal management. The tutorials will provide practical training and insights for all engineers, designers and program managers who want to learn more about electronics cooling.

Most of the ATS webinars are scheduled to run no longer than 15 minutes in respect to the time demands on today’s engineers. But each quarter of 2013 will conclude with a one-hour event that presents deeper training on a crucial heat management topic.

Every webinar is free of charge. Attendees can submit questions during the live presentations. For later viewing, each webinar will be archived on the ATS website for free streaming at the engineer’s convenience. Questions and comments to the recorded webinars will be responded to by ATS engineers.

Here are the 2013 ATS webinar dates, run times and titles:

Jan 9 15 min What is the Thermal Management of Electronics?
Jan 23 15 min Thermal Interface Material Overview: Pros and Cons
Feb 13 15 min Calculating Junction Temperature in Electronics Cooling
Feb 27 15 min Important Factors When Doing Heat Sink Design
Mar 13 15 min Analytical Modeling for Thermal Analysis
Mar 27 60 min Heat Sink Materials: Choices and Tradeoffs
Apr 10 15 min LED Cooling: What’s So Hot about LEDs?
Apr 24 15 min LED Cooling: Analytical Thermal Analysis
May 8 15 min LED Cooling: Computational Thermal Analysis
May 22 15 min LED Cooling: Physical Thermal Analysis
Jun 12 15 min Heat Sink Fin Spacing for Heat Transfer Optimization
Jun 26 60 min How to Perform and Understand Temperature
Measurements within Electronic Systems
Jul 10 15 min Heat Sink Types: Pros and Cons
Jul 24 15 min Heat Sink Manufacturing Processes
Aug 14 15 min Thermal Conductivity: What It Is and Why You Should Care
Aug 28 15 min How to Perform Pressure Drop Calculations
Sept 11 15 min Optimizing Heat Sinks for Natural Convection Cooling
Sept 25 60 min Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes and Cold Plates
Oct 9 15 min System Chassis Liquid Cooling Overview
Oct 23 15 min Heat Transfer Coefficient
Nov 6 15 min Heat Sink Attachment Options: Pros and Cons
Nov 20 15 min Testing or Characterizing a Cold Plate
Dec 4 15 min Liquid Cooling vs. Air Cooling: Pros and Cons
Dec 18 60 min CFD as a Tool to Perform a Heat Sink and System Modeling

All webinars are on Wednesdays and will begin at 2:00 p.m. EST. Please visit http://www.qats.com/Training to register for any of these online events, or call 781-769-2800. Seats for these free online tutorials are limited.
Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
Andrea Koss