McDowell's Specialty Repair of Boise, Idaho, Pilots New Mobile Software

McDowell's is proud to pilot a new software that turns our vans into mobile business centers.

Boise, ID, January 09, 2013 --( McDowell’s Specialty Repair of the Treasure Valley is proud to announce a partnership with ZenWare as it becomes the first company in Boise to pilot new mobile computer system software.

Called ZenTouch, the software turns the company's vans into mobile customer service centers that aid in our gradual transition to a paperless system.

“This new system makes doing business with McDowell’s even easier for our customers,” said Bert McDowell, who has owned and operated the repair business since 1993.

Employees are impressed by the mobility of the system and its easy-to-use design, which allows technicians to master the program in little time.

“It’s a great system,” said Alan, a McDowell’s repair technician who regularly visits places like car dealerships for on-site repairs. “Everything is right there.”

As ZenWare says on its website, “Your service crews can’t be tied to the office,” and anyone who’s ever seen a McDowell’s van around the Treasure Valley knows McDowell’s technicians can go anywhere.

With ZenTouch, the software’s central navigation center enables users to access all aspects of their business management system within seconds with just the push of a button. Customer databases are available to make appointment scheduling easy. The new appointment quickly transfers to the employee master schedule. Users also can easily provide a quick cost estimate to a customer and provide an invoice on the spot. And the information is shared in a company-wide system immediately.

“Anytime we make a promise to a customer, it’s never misplaced or stuck in a file, or stuck in a memory,” McDowell said. “That’s the goal of the system: deliver better customer service.”

McDowell’s, located at 2222 S. Cole Road, has been using the system for about four months.

“I’m very pleased with it,” said McDowell. “I recommend it to any business owner who needs to work efficiently while providing services away from home base.”

Both based in Boise, ZenWare and McDowell’s are proud of a special partnership that is helping pioneer an innovative system that is sure to benefit businesses nationwide.

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