Plastic Surgeon Comments on Future of Breast Implants

Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe says nanotechnology has the potential to significantly increase the safety and shelf life of breast implants. He explains how breast augmentation patients at his plastic surgery practice in Chicago can enjoy beautiful and long-lasting results.

Chicago, IL, January 09, 2013 --( Dr. Thomas Mustoe, one the most widely recognized plastic surgeons in Chicago, is excited about the future of breast implants using nanotechnology. He says new implant materials will help increase the safety of breast implants as well as offer therapeutic benefits, such as drug delivery capabilities.

"I look forward to using this next generation of implants for breast augmentation in Chicago," Dr. Mustoe says. "It is an important step toward minimizing post-surgical complications and creating longer-lasting implants for women. And since breast augmentation is the most widely chosen cosmetic surgery procedure in the country, these advancements will benefit thousands of women."

Nanotechnology is a complicated concept. At its most basic level, it refers to manipulating molecules and atoms to create better functioning systems. With regard to breast surgery, it means that the silicone used in breast implants could be tailored to be more stable and more compatible with human breast tissue, thereby extending the implant's shelf life and reducing complications such as capsular contracture.

However, Dr. Mustoe emphasizes that current breast implants used for plastic surgery in Chicago also have a long history of safety and effectiveness.

"Although the possibility of using nanotechnology for breast implants is exciting, silicone and saline implants used in the United States now have been FDA approved and are very safe," he says. "I currently offer both options to my patients, and I am very pleased with the results."

Dr. Mustoe is an accomplished surgeon who is known for his careful surgical techniques that help speed healing and reduce downtime. This results in a more pleasing outcome and a more comfortable recovery for his breast augmentation patients.

His expertise in the field of plastic surgery and scar reduction is recognized on a national and international level. He is currently slated to speak at the 4th International SCAR Club Meeting in France, March 22-24.

He notes that while the type of implant material used does affect the results of surgery, the surgeon also plays an important role.

"Patients should know that how the surgery is performed is just as important as how the implant is made," Dr. Mustoe says. "When breast augmentation is conducted by a trained, qualified surgeon, the chances of a successful surgical outcome are the very highest."
Dr. Thomas Mustoe