Denver Garage Doctor Shows Homeowners How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener in Denver, CO

Denver garage door repair specialist says different garage doors need different garage door openers and choosing the wrong door opener is costly.

Denver, CO, January 09, 2013 --( Denver garage door repair specialist, Denver Garage Doctor ( is advising homeowners to choose wisely when it comes time to replace their garage door openers.

To help the homeowners make the right choices, Trapper Searles, owner of Denver Garage Doctor, has released a step-by-step guide for choosing the right garage door openers.

Searles said that because of the difference in garage door opener models and designs, knowing the right opener before walking into a store will make a difference.

“There are differences in garage door opener models and modes of operation. They all use different drives, have different horsepower and more, so it is really important to know what to look for, have some basic facts before going shopping,” Searles said.

The Denver garage door specialist advised homeowners to consider their garage door opener’s drive model and size of garage door when replacing their door openers.

“If you have a single-car garage door, a screw, belt or chain drive model is sufficient. A double car garage door requires a screw or chain drive model. Screw and belt drive models are quiet during operation while chain openers are easier to fix without hiring a professional,” Searles said.

He said it is not always a good idea to buy the lowest priced door openers in the market, advising homeowners to instead, focus on brands, safety, security and features available with the openers.

“These days it is not unusual to see garage door openers with internet connectivity, power backup systems, homeowner alert system that notifies homeowners when the door is open or door keypads. These are important and convenient features to have and they may not be available in the basic models or the lowest priced door openers,” Searles said.

Denver Garage Doctor serves homeowners and businesses in Denver and Westminter, CO and has done so for decades.

“We have been in the garage door repair business for decades and we have been proud to serve and support this community all that time. Our customers know who we are and the quality of service we provide. Any customer looking for garage door repair information or a garage door repair specialist can confidently call us at 303-345-4707 knowing they will get the best,” Searles added.

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