Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.
Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.

Dogs & Cats - Colorado Style

Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. was featured on the cover as a petfriendly landscape company. Inside is an article written by Elizabeth Bublitz for people who are having problems combining pets and landscapes.

Golden, CO, May 01, 2006 --( Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. is featured as the cover story of Dogs & Cats Colorado Style. The article, which was written by Elizabeth Bublitz, owner and creator of her pet friendly landscape company, Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. addresses many issues that pet owners face.

She discusses how cobble rock deters dogs from entering gardens since it is very awkard for them to walk on, running paths are incorporated into the design, pet friendly edging is always used so dogs don't cut themselves, bathroom areas for dogs are part of the design and solutions for dogs who irrigation are addressed.

Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. was established in 1998 to promote a healthy relationship between pets and homeowners who want a beautiful yard. The article featured in Dogs & Cats Colorado Style can be accessed on their website

Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.
Elizabeth Bublitz