Turning Pennies Into Millions

Piggs Peak, Swaziland, July 27, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Imagine turning R6,000 into R1,5 million overnight. It’s not only probable, it’s very possible at Piggs Peak Casino.

An ecstatic Mr Botha became an instant millionaire in a sweep of fantastic luck on the popular tables game European roulette game, offered at Piggs Peak Internet Casino. Mr Botha could not believe his luck when after only a couple of hours after opening his online casino account, he raked in some big bucks, R1,5 million big ones to be exact.

Mr Botha who describes himself as a seasoned roulette player, was blessed with a lightning bolt of luck, had been skeptical at first about playing online but decided to give it a go anyway, and boy is he glad he did.

After a quick and effortless registration on their simple to use website, Mr Botha got down to the serious business of winning. Commenting on how fantastic the game graphics were, Mr Botha eyes sparked with glints of sheer delight when he recalled details of his awesome good fortune. He added that he was pleasantly surprised at the way in which he was handled by the friendly casino support staff. “You’d think that after winning such a huge amount of money, that the casino staff would be a bit sour, but instead I have received warm calls of congratulations and constant communication about my speedy payout” added Mr Botha.

“We are very excited about these payouts”, commented Wendy Graaf, Piggs Peak’s Group Marketing Manager, “It’s great to be able to change someone’s fortune in such a dramatic way. Piggs Peak is all about making dreams come true and Mr Botha’s winnings is testament to this”.

It just goes to show that Piggs Peak is becoming increasingly synonymous for turning tiny treasures into small fortunes.

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Wendy Graaf