Nashville Transmission Repair Shows How to Recognize Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble

Grisham’s Transmission Center says these signs are easy to recognize and if fixed can save Nashville drivers a lot of money.

Nashville, TN, January 11, 2013 --( Nashville auto transmission repair expert, Grisham’s Transmission Center ( said today that Nashville drivers who pay attention to their vehicles can recognize early warning signs of transmission trouble and save money in the process.

Harold Grisham, owner and president of Grisham’s Transmission Center said these signs are easy to recognize and if fixed will save drivers a lot of money.

“Transmission repair and service is very expensive but if the problem is caught on time and taken care of immediately, drivers can save up to 50% or more in repair cost. This is because fixing the problem earlier is easier than waiting until it becomes major problems,” Grisham said.

“Once they become major problems, the only options may be to replace the transmission and that can be very expensive. That is why you want to catch the problems early so they can be fixed,” Grisham added.

The transmission service veteran said drivers should pay attention to the noises coming from their cars and take the cars in for repair immediately they notice something different.

“If you wait until the car stops moving, you are probably too late but that is the most obvious sign of transmission trouble. When your car refuses to shift gears or move at all, your transmission is the first thing you should look at,” Grisham said.

He advised vehicle owners to also look for burning smell, noise when transmission is in neutral, slipping gears, dragging clutch, leaking fluid, check engine lights, grinding or shaking, whining, clunking or humming noise, or a lack of response.

“These are some of the symptoms of transmission trouble but those are not the only things to look out for. The point is if you observe anything out of the ordinary or if your car starts behaving in unusual ways, it may be time to see a transmission service specialist,” Grisham added.

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