Nashville Garage Door Specialist Helps Homeowners Understand Best Way to Choose Garage Door Opener

Elite Garage Doors says there is a right and wrong way to choose garage door openers and wrong choices can be costly.

Mashville, TN, January 12, 2013 --( Nashville garage door specialist Elite Garage Doors ( said today that homeowners who do not understand how garage door openers work risk choosing the wrong openers for their homes and that could be costly.

To help homeowners and businesses in Nashville and surrounding cities make the right choices when it comes time to replace their garage door openers, Elite Garage Doors has released a guide on what to look for when choosing garage door openers.

Aaron Moore, owner and president of Elite Garage Doors said many homeowners are not aware of the differences in garage door openers.

“Many homeowners we run into are not aware that there are differences among various garage door openers. This ignorance can be costly. We are getting many service calls because many of these owners are not familiar with the features of their openers,” Moore said.

The Nashville garage door expert say just last week, his office received a call from a customer who could not remotely operate his garage door opener and could not understand why.

“The problem was that this particular garage door opener model is not equipped with this feature but the homeowner thought it was. He said he was assured that it was and he could not understand why he couldn’t get it to work,” Moore added.

Moore said to choose the best garage door opener, homeowners must first make a list of the features they must have.

“Unless you understand the features that are important to you, it is hard to know the best opener for your home. For example, some door openers have the internet connectivity feature that allows you to monitor, set, reset and control it through mobile devices. Others alert you, the homeowner, when something is wrong or you leave the garage door unlocked but not all garage door openers have these features,” Moore said.

He added that if these features are important to you, then you need to make sure the openers you are looking at come equipped with them.

Moore advised homeowners to consider the dimensions of their garage doors as they affect the power needed to effectively move them up and down, the prices of the various brands, safety and security of the openers and warranties offered by the garage door opener manufacturers.

“These are not all inclusive but they are important. I can’t say enough about security and safety. You need a garage door opener that at a minimum, allows you to change the codes, add additional remote controls, keyless entry pads and more,” Moore said.

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