Luma Comfort Announces Revolutionary PureClean Air Purification System

US home appliance manufacturer introduces a new line of air purifiers, featuring advanced system designed for battling airborne particles and pollutants.

Orange, CA, January 12, 2013 --( Luma Comfort Corporation today announced a new breakthrough air purification process, the PureClean purification system, found only in the new Luma Comfort line of PureClean Air Purifiers. Featuring a five-stage air purification process that includes a HEPA filter and UV light source, the PureClean system is available beginning today in the Luma Comfort AP170W PureClean Air Purifier and the AP400W PureClean Max Air Purifier.

The PureClean Air Purification System by Luma Comfort is designed with five different stages of air purification that combine to attack and eliminate common airborne pollutants, including dust and pollen, as well as more harmful airborne particles, such as chemicals, gases and bacteria.

The PureClean system features:
· A carbon pre-filter to deodorize the air and trap larger particles, such as dust and pet dander.
· An advanced HEPA filter designed to trap more than 99 percent of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size.
· A VOC filter, which absorbs volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, which are carbon-based chemicals found in the air.
· A revolutionary TiO2 filter, coated with titanium dioxide, which, when working in concert with a UV bulb, can eliminate harmful gases and bacteria.
· The aforementioned UV light source, which will destroy bacteria, viruses and mold, along with many other biological contaminants.

The AP170W PureClean Air Purifier is designed for areas up to 170 square feet, while the Luma Comfort AP400W PureClean Max is designed to purify rooms up to 400 square feet. In addition to the revolutionary PureClean system, both units also feature the advanced SmartClean sensor by Luma Comfort, which will alert the user when any of the filters need to be replaced.

“We’re very excited to announce this revolutionary purification system,” said Mike Tennant, National Account Manager at Luma Comfort Corporation. “We are committed to creating a comfortable environment for our customers, and the PureClean system is another step in that process.”

The Luma Comfort AP170W PureClean Air Purifier and the AP400W PureClean Max Air Purifier, featuring the PureClean air purification system can both be found online and in retail stores starting today.

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