MD Stem Cells Improves Myopic Macular Degeneration with New Stem Cell Treatment

MD Stem Cells helps Australian patient travel half way around the world for stem cell treatment in Florida to achieve significant improvement in vision.

Ridgefield, CT, January 14, 2013 --( When you're from the Land Down Under, Florida is a long way away. But for one patient from Australia, the trip made all the difference in the world for his vision.

Before treatment he had many problems in addition to the constant blurriness from the myopia. Even with hard contact lenses, the deterioration of his retinas had made his vision constantly foggy. His eye doctors had tried their best with glasses and contacts, but his poor vision made it very difficult to continue working on the computer. The patient works for a major IT company in Australia but had to curtail much of the direct computer work he loved.

"I was seeing blue lights flying across my vision when my eyes were closed and layers of clouds when they were open. I had to switch the background of my iPhone and computer to dark colors with white lettering because the glare was so bad" said the patient.

An evaluation including a careful review of his old eye records showed he could be a good candidate for Adult Stem Cell treatment using the Dual Injection technique from MD Stem Cells that had worked well on other patients. Travel to Florida was needed to undergo treatment with bone marrow derived stem cells from his own body, but he was eager to move forward.

The treatment was at a beautiful surgical center in Florida with board certified physicians including anesthesiologists, an orthopedic surgeon for the bone marrow aspiration, and our fellowship trained, highly experienced retinal surgeon for the carefully placed injections.

Everything went smoothly and certain improvements in vision were noticed very soon.

Following the treatment the patient stated "I was able to read the newspaper a week later and the sun glare is beginning not to bother my eyes. The blue lights are gone and the clouds disappeared pretty much the next day."

MD Stem Cells looks forward to further improvements in the visual acuity which can take several months. "We're very excited and happy for this patient," responded Dr Levy, President of MD Stem Cells. "It's difficult traveling long distances when your vision is poor, but finding MD Stem Cells and this quality of treatment found nowhere else in the world will make it all worthwhile."
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Steven Levy MD