Castinghub Kid Lands a Television Show in Houston Texas

When castinghub judge, Blake Michael, met adorable four year old Karisma Torres he knew that she had the personality and drive to really make it in the entertainment industry. Having an excellent track record of success, he has proved to be right once again seeing her book her first TV show “Keys For Kiddos”.

Houston, TX, January 13, 2013 --( Scouting all over the world definitely opens up many opportunities for castinghub( to find the best of the best in new talent. With so much competition it is imperative that the castinghub judges have a keen eye for the kids and adults who really possess the “It Factor” needed in this industry. Years of experience helped castinghub judge, Blake Michael, see that Karisma was a child that would stand out from her competition. After starting with castinghub in September of 2012 Karisma and her mother began to see doors open up for her that they would have never imagined possible. Her most recent success was landing a spot on a Houston based TV show similar to the Mouseketeers called “Keys for Kiddos”. The program appeals to the young kids ages 6 to 12 years of age, teaching inspirational and life lessons. It involves animation, puppetry, cartoons, skits, song, dance and music. It has nutritional, hygienic, etiquette, educational and safety segments. castinghub is thrilled to have helped Karisma and her family on her path to success and looks forward to seeing more of her on screen.

Karisma’s mom wrote the following to castinghub (

Hello everyone at castinghub my name is Tina Torres parent of Karisma A. Torres. She is 4 years old, in pre-k, and we live in Pasadena, Texas. When we first heard of your Houston, Texas upcoming event for auditions we decided to give my daughter a try. I always said I wanted her in the spotlight because I knew she had it in her… I must say our experience with you all has been great, with so many things going on it just gets better and better. I get all my calls taken care of, all my questions answered, and your staff provides me with any information that I need concerning my daughter for our first time experience; it’s all been so much fun working with you. Your website is easy to use I get access to all auditions according to our location as well as other states and cities…Karisma has great potential, highly intelligent, can memorize short scripts, and she is not afraid of the camera or to face anyone. She knows what she wants and she knows what to do. Working with castinghub has been very interesting; I would recommend any first timers to start with them. Castinghub has been very helpful with my little girl. She is ready for anything, open for business and willing to stay on with the company and achieve success. I would like to thank Brigitte Robinson, Blake Michael, Mara Santino and all the other castinghub staff for helping Karisma through this wonderful journey. Thank you very much!

Truly and sincerely,

Mrs. Tina Torres.
Brigitte Robinson
(877) 591-7020