Katy Insurance Agent Shows Cyclists How to Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

Insurance Agency Texas says taking these simple steps could help motor cyclists enjoy their lifestyle and still save a bundle on monthly premiums.

Katy, TX, January 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- To the Texas motor cyclist, being able to enjoy that lifestyle is non-negotiable but the cost of monthly motorcycle insurance premium may be making it more expensive.

Well, maybe it should not.

Katy, Texas-based Insurance Agency Texas (http://www.insuranceagencytexas.com) said today that high monthly insurance premiums should not stop anyone from enjoying their ride because they have found ways to help Texas motor cyclists lower the cost of insurance.

Insurance Agency Texas today released a guide for motor cyclists the company said should help them save as much as 40% or more every month.

“It is not complicated really. The problem is that most motor cyclists either do not ask questions or do not know the right questions to ask. They also may not be aware that there are simple things they can do that will help them save on their monthly premiums,” Frank Hursh, owner and president of Insurance Agency Texas said earlier today in his office in Katy, Texas.

He said most motor cyclists park their bikes outside on the curb or in their driveway and that is not only a mistake, it can be costly.

“Just doing something as simple as getting a garage and parking the bike inside the garage every day can save up to 10% but most cyclists are not aware of this. Also going back to school and completing advanced riding class could save another 10% on the premiums,” Hursh said.

The Texas motorcycle insurance agent said that just like car drivers, riders who limit the number of miles they travel daily and those that choose to dump their pillion can save a bundle.

“Most motorcycle riders have pillions on their bikes that in reality do not do anything for them. Just dumping that will help them save on their policy every month while adding an alarm system to their motorcycles will save another 10% off their premiums,” Hursh added.

Frank Hursh and his team at Insurance Agency Texas have been helping Texas motor cyclists lower their monthly insurance premiums for decades. The company serves clients in Katy, Houston, Sugar Land, Round Rock, Fulshear, Pearland, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg and Stafford through the company website at http://www.insuranceagencytexas.com/contactus.html. Customers can also get information at 281-398-1010 or toll-free 1-877-952-1010.

Hursh advised motor cyclists to buy policies through insurance agencies since motorcycle insurance agencies like Insurance Agency Texas are able to get quotes from various companies thus offering clients better deals.

“As insurance agents, our loyalty is with our clients. We work hard to get them lower prices by advising them on ways they can lower those monthly premiums. We also help them easily shop around by getting quotes from many companies,” Hursh added.
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