Author Yvonne Jones Attempts to Close Gap Between Military and Civilian Worlds

Because we all ought to know more about those who protect us.

Tampa, FL, January 14, 2013 --( Author Yvonne Jones is a military spouse of 13 years and counting, who has moved nationally and internationally more than 10 times since the military became part of her life. Now she taps that experience in a book that is meant to close the current gap of understanding that persists between military and civilian worlds. The book is entitled “Closing The Gap: Understanding Your Serivce(wo)man” and is written from the different perspectives of military family members.

A smaller share of Americans currently serve in the Armed Forces than at any other given point in time since World War II. This, in turn, has led to a growing gap between people in uniform and the civilian population. The author wrote this book in an attempt to close this gap by promoting understanding.

The subject of the book is the disconnect between military families and their civilian families and friends, and focuses on explaining and describing the lifestyle of the entire military family, including Service Members of all branches, their Spouses, and their Children. It is meant to make a positive difference by giving people within the civilian world the information they need to understand the experiences of and reconnect with military families.

Faith Eidse, Ph.D., Author of the award-winning oral history “Voices of Apalachicola” says: “I have thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. It pulled my heartstrings and spoke to me with the author’s insights. This is for more than family and friends; it’s for the 99 percent who need a better understanding of their service(wo)men, since they belong to the national family.”

Judy Davis, The Direction Diva, says: “[…] This resource is perfect for Everyone with Any connection to the military community, and should be on everyone’s shelf! I can’t speak highly enough about this resource […]”

Yvonne Jones currently lives in Tampa, Florida. For more information about “Closing The Gap: Understanding Your Service(wo)man” and to order your copy of the book, please visit our website or contact Yvonne Jones at
Understanding Your Serviceman
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