Chiropractor Cracks Up Jay Leno

Wilmington, NC, July 28, 2007 --( Jay Leno, Host of the Tonight Show, shared with the world a unique name of a Chiropractor during the "Headline" portion of his show on June 18, 2007. The Chiropractor is located in Wilmington, NC.

"I like this Doctor," stated Jay, "I want to introduce myself and I have a free gift reserved for you. Dr. Will Tickel."

"A lot of people ask if it is really my name. I often have to give my first name or a fake name when ordering food or making reservations because if I don't, I will get to my destination and whoever took the order canceled it assuming it was a gag."

"A lot of people for some odd reason will ask where I got my name. My answer is always 'from my Dad.'"

Tickel Chiropractic
Dr. Will Tickel