ADL TV Series Season 3 Gains International Attention from Talented Choreographers, Bands, and Dancers

ADL TV Series sparks interest of choreographers, bands, and dancers after announcing plans for international broadcasts and up to $100,000 US Dollars for top performers.

Orlando, FL, January 14, 2013 --( An entertainment production company’s decision to internationally distribute the third season of its popular and edgy dance reality mini-series sparks the interest of sponsors, talented choreographers, bands, and dancers.

Dance Karma Entertainment recently announced that it would broadcast season 3 of the independent series with high ratings and substantial growth, “American Dance Legend” known to its large fan pool as “ADL.”

The show, which began June 2010 and was aired four weeks on an affiliate CBS channel, told the story of several aspiring dancers chaotic paths to overcoming challenges while becoming television icons to their family, friends, and local television viewers.

Now ADL, in pre-production of its third season, is double in size with eight weeks of broadcasts and an impressive multi-market distribution plan. The entertainment production company’s announcement also includes outward excitement of fulfilling magical moments while inspiring children from Give Kids The World Village during the first episode of ADL Season 3, which is scheduled for broadcast Spring 2014.

The entertainment company briefly expanded on its decision to broadcast a third season stating that producing two previous seasons while capturing the stories of every-day-neighborhood-performers has propelled the company’s drive to distribute the broadcasts to international markets including the UK.

According to the media reports, ADL Season 3 seeks to cast 10 legendary choreographers, 10 talented bands, and lots of passionate dancers to win the hearts of viewers. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis, Orlando, Raleigh-Durham, Norfolk, and United Kingdom are the eleven targeted television markets for the run of ADL Season 3. Up to $100,000 US Dollars is said to reward the top performers.

The specifics regarding new and improved format remains a secret to the shows production team including American Television Executive Producer, Karma Butler, who has gained American and International exposure while appearing on top charting film “American Pie” and being featured as a recording artist by Sony.

While it remains unclear exactly how the cast will interact and perform throughout eight episodes, new, and several returning sponsors and endorsers are on-board to support ADL Season 3.

The series' broadcasts drew surprising results from many viewers who believed it was just another show, or a one-hit wonder. Now in production of ADL Season 3 the shows cast has been featured on radio interviews with celebrity personalities, and ADL Season 2 reportedly featured a guest appearance by Hollywood Celebrity, actress/singer, Tichina Arnold, of Little Shop of Horrors, and American television series “Martin” and “Happily Divorced.”

Long-term Facebook followers continue to post fan mail, and comments supporting the show.

"Thank you for a fantastic time! Will tune in this year for the new season!" proud mother of ADL Season 2 winner, Hunter Darnell, wrote on the "Karma Butler's American Dance Legend Television Series" Facebook page.

Passionate and talented choreographers, bands, and dancers are invited to star in ADL Season 3 by registering online at “Change Your Life, Make A Move, Perform for the World!”
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