Basics of Puggles Breed Blog Launches

New blog launched on Puggles breed, which offers quite of bit of insight on the breed.

Peoria, IL, July 28, 2007 --( Puggle Hugs today launched a new blog on the basics of Puggle breeds. The puggle is such a popular hybrid breed with high consumer demand that many breeders and pet stores can’t supply enough of them. This unique breed is a designer dog that has such a well temperament to meet the needs of family with children as well as the lapdog characteristics for anyone looking for a companion.

It is very important that the pet purchaser understand the breed in which they are interested in, because there are literally thousands of dogs that end up end shelters or given away due to lack of knowledge of the breed. Puggles are a great breed; however, if one does not understand the true background of the breed before purchasing it, then one might regret adopting a puggle.

Understand a puggle is truly a requisite before adopting one. Puggles require lots of attention and care. The excitement level of puggles can vary and it is best to know what that level is before adopting one. Another new hype of the puggle is the second generation puggles that are multi colored. These puggles are rare to find at this point in time.

The newly launched Puggle Hugs blog provides insightful and basic information on the puggles breed. In particular, it covers the important essentials needed to raise a puggle and in determining also if the puggle breed is a good fit for ones family.

Puggle Hugs
Christy Taylor