Wealthiest Cities in 2013 Announced

The wealthiest U.S. cities announced in 2013 by Money Journal are in eight states scattered throughout the country, and aren't just the big metropolitan centers you'd expect.

Destin, FL, January 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The wealthiest cities announced in 2013 are not just big metropolitan areas everyone might be expecting, according to a new study by Money Journal.com, an innovative website founded to find the best and most interesting places in these tough economic times and save consumers money on all sorts of products and services.

Cities include the regulars like New York City, high-tech driven San Jose and nearby San Francisco. But there are also a handful of others in eight states, including cities in Connecticut and Alaska, Colorado and Pennsylvania, where local economies are riding high and jobs in some industries are going without new candidates.

Known as the center of high-tech, San Jose is home to the largest technology and computer parts manufacturers in the world. Engineers and computer scientists work for companies like Google, eBay and TiVo to land this city at the top of the list. Since more than 45% of its adults have college degrees, San Jose is the second most educated metro area in the U.S. Other cities to make the list include Washington, D.C., Bridgeport, Connecticut, Boulder, Colorado and places in Pennsylvania and even Los Angeles, where money makes an economy all its own.

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