Premiere Artist Releases New Song for the Public Dedicated to Helping This World

Mr. White Hat has released his inspirational song to encourage more “Life Artists.”

Burbank, CA, January 18, 2013 --( Shaul H. a.k.a “Mr. White Hat” has just released his “I am a Life Artist” song in English, signaling the beginning of his international I am A Life Artist Tour.

“A Life Artist is a good person willing to 'wear the white hat,' view life as an Artwork in progress and improve it – Not just for themselves but for all living (people with the white hat are the good guys)” said Mr. White Hat - “This song is like a Universal Anthem for healing this world.”

Mr. White Hat is in the process of translating and recording this song in several other languages in preparation for his tour. Translations in Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages will be released shortly.

The I Am A Life Artist founder, Mr. White Hat, wrote, composed and performed the entire piece; Willie Agnew, Sound engineer Gabriel Speciale and composer Randy Toban assisted in arranging and composing the song. Background vocals by: Willie Agnew and Linda Reifer.

Mr. White Hat has several other unique songs being worked on to be released soon.

The “I am a Life Artist“song is available for the general public to download on the I Am A Life Artist Website as MP3 for 99 cents at: as well as on popular online music stores such as CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon.
For a free press/media MP3 download of the song and for a higher resolution photo, please visit
I am a Life artist
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