Omnicom Press Author Nominates Putin to Fanny Kaplan Club of American University in Moscow

Russian president's PR blunders seen as key contributors to the poor international image of the country and its leaders.

New Britain, CT, January 18, 2013 --( Russian president Vladimir Putin has been nominated to the Fanny Kaplan Club of the American University in Moscow.

Making the nomination is William Dunkerley, a senior fellow at AUM. He is the author of The Phony Litvinenko Murder published by Omnicom Press. The book documents how the worldwide media stories that Putin was behind Litvinenko's murder were fabricated without factual references according to the publisher.

When inaugurating the Fanny Kaplan Club last year, Dr. Edward Lozansky, president of the American University in Moscow said, "to qualify you must be known as one of the most outspoken Putin haters."

In his nomination letter, Dunkerley acknowledges that "it may seem strange to nominate Putin to a club that exists to recognize Putin haters." But, he explains, "Putin has done more than any other person to engender Putin hatred. Not by his actions. Mostly by his inaction. His absence of any effective response to the persistent denigration of Russia and its leaders has done more to solidify the near-universal negative images that prevail than the work of any other individual."

Dunkerley says he has proposed that Putin be admitted to the Fanny Kaplan Club by acclamation. The complete text of the nomination can be seen at

Putin's and Russia's negative international images do not represent an intractable problem according to Dunkerley. "They are a result of negative media spin that has been nurtured by Putin's enemies," he says. Dunkerley points to a Russian-American private sector initiative called "Russia without Spin" ( as "a promising solution on the horizon."
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Hanna D. York