New Mikron Fluoro Room at North Ottawa Community Hospital Getting Rave Reviews

Two new Shimadzu units from Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest have been successfully installed at North Ottawa Community Health System.

Ann Arbor, MI, February 04, 2013 --( Mikron Digital is pleased to announce immediate rave customer reviews for the new room.

As Ricky Kauffman, Medical Imaging Quality Assurance at North Ottawa Community Hospital, noted to Mikron Digital in a recent communication, “I love the room. It is so fast and the images are great!”

Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest is a Midwest distributor of Shimadzu products.

Installation of the RADspeed General Radiography unit was begun on July 16 and completed less than two weeks later. Work began on August 20 for the SonialVision Versa Fluoroscopic/General Radiographic unit. It was completed September 7. Both units were later upgraded with the Canon CXDI 70C Wireless Flat Panel Detector.

North Ottawa Community Health System selected both Shimadzu radiographic units following much comparison between the other major radiology vendors. The two new units were installed and are being used in the radiology department, which consists of three radiography rooms for inpatient/outpatient/ED services. According to Branden Barkema, NOCHS Medical Imaging Manager, “We were in dire need of new radiography units and the Shimadzu product gave us the biggest bang for our dollar. The digital technology was a must-have for us to stay competitive within our market.”

“The units replace very old Picker units. “These new units bring back functionality that we had lost due to the condition of the old equipment. They also increase efficiencies since the software is faster and it’s safer for our patients due to decreased exposure to radiation. We now have the ability to handle just about any amount of volume.” The new Shimadzu equipment also gives NOCHS the ability to accommodate a broader range of patients. “We are now able to meet the needs of our Bariatric patient population because of the increased weight capacity on the new tables. The 80kW generator on the SonialVision Versa machine enables us to acquire images on patients in that population, which was outside our capacity in the past.”

Shimadzu’s RADspeed General Radiography unit is a high-reliability radiography system that offers extreme carefree longevity for the X-ray department while reducing the labor required for examinations.

It consists of the following parts:

Shimadzu’s BK 200 Elevating Radiographic Table has a 650-pound patient weight capacity supported in all table movements and motions, providing a sturdy and safe platform for imaging of all patient sizes. The table utilizes the 7.5-pound Canon CXDI 70C Wireless Flat Panel Detector, which, with a pixel pitch of just 125 microns, produces high-resolution preview images in just 3 seconds while reducing x-ray exposure to the patient.

RADspeed’s 80 kW Generator is an ergonomically designed and full-color touch-screen control console that is completely integrated into the unit for seamless operation and high patient throughput. Up to 800 conditions can be registered on the system as Anatomical Programs (APR) associated with examination area and technique.

The CH-200 Ceiling Mounted X-ray Tube provides smooth, quick, and sure positioning for all radiographic procedures whether the patient is supine or standing. Its auto-positioning feature moves the tube to any position and any angle at the press of a button. Manual operation is also possible.

The Shimadzu BR-120 Upright Bucky Stand, with its size-sensing cassette tray, provides upright vertical travel to accommodate all patient ranges and studies.

The RADspeed has earned “Best in KLAS” distinction in the Digital X-ray category every year since 2009.

The SonialVision Versa Fluoroscopic/General Radiographic unit is a “Universal” unit that eliminates the radiation exposure received by the staff because it can be operated behind a protective shield. North Ottawa's configuration includes one system operator console in the procedure room for “local” operation and one in the control booth for “remote” operation.

Ranked in the top 5% nationally for Patient Experience 2012 by HealthGrades, North Ottawa Community Health System is part of a full continuum of care including an 84-bed, long-term-care facility, home healthcare and durable medical equipment services, retail pharmacy, and urgent care center, as well as physician practices in primary care and OB/GYN. It also includes North Ottawa County’s first in-patient hospice facility and longest-running community-based hospice program on the lakeshore. NOCHS is among the lakeshore’s major employers with more than 800 employees.

Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest, Inc. is a regional provider of Next Generation-Leading Edge digital technology for the medical imaging community. In addition to Shimadzu, they are distributors for Meridian Medical Systems, Canon, Omega, and Riverain ClearView products. They are currently celebrating their 26th year of providing unequaled equipment and service solutions.
Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest
Donald Dotson, President