New Young Readers Book to Help Kids Develop Courage and Self Confidence

Wings For A Day: Captivating New Children’s Book by Amy L. Reed Inspires Readers to Face Fears with Courage.

Stuart, FL, January 19, 2013 --( Telling the enthralling tale of two young boys who meet their fears head-on, author Amy L. Reed seeks to help readers develop the courage and drive to fight their fears in an upfront manner. With such a life-changing theme, the book is set to resonate with parents and young readers around the world.

As a Martial Arts expert, children’s author Amy L. Reed has had to use her own courage to overcome life’s obstacles. Bearing much fruit in her own life, Reed’s latest book is now imparting the importance of courage on thousands of children across the country.

While wrapped into a compelling tale of fun, ‘Wings For A Day’ has a truly life-changing undertone.


‘Wings For A Day’ is a whimsical tale of two young boys, Ben and Xavier, who find themselves on a magical adventure that brings them face to face with their own boo monsters, forcing them to face their fears head on.

The adventure begins when Ben is given the magical gift of wings for a day. His wings take him and his friend, Xavier, to a far away place called the "Otherword" where creatures such as pixies, gnomes, trolls, and mermaids all live.

Ben and Xavier must battle their demons to save themselves and their new friends of the Otherworld in this captivating tale of friendship and victory.

As the author explains, her book makes a deliberate attempt to encourage young readers to meet and conquer their fears.

“It is vital that young children learn to believe in themselves and develop the courage they need to get them through life,” says Reed, who has been teaching these very concepts throughout her thirty years in martial arts training.

She continues, “It is amazing to see the transformation in a person when they find the courage to stand up to their 'boo monster'. They walk taller, reach farther, and become exceptional leaders of our communities."

Critics praise Reed for her diligent work. However, even with so much success in her hands, she refuses to lose sight of what is truly important.

“Literature is a powerful vehicle for change. Over and above the book itself, my aim is to raise an entire generation of confident and successful children. Everything in life starts with a mind-set and I hope my book can do its bit to benefit the younger generation of today and tomorrow,” she concludes.

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About the Author:
Amy L. Reed was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Stuart Florida. She is the Author of three children's books and six martial arts training manuals.

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