Calgary Web Design Firm Offers Canadian Businesses the Ability to Accept Interac Online Debit

The Interac Online Debit feature offered by Hawk Design Group can significantly increase a website's sales by offering customers the ability to pay directly from their bank account - Safely, and Securely.

Calgary, Canada, January 19, 2013 --( Chad Reitsma, Hawk Design Group’s lead developer explains how easy it is for your customers to use this service: "It’s just like using Interac in person, the transactions are carried out in real-time, only instead of the customer entering your credit-card number on the merchant’s website, you are directed to your online banking website. You log in like you normally do and choose which account you would like to pay with. The Interac network and the financial institution verify the funds and the transaction is completed - quickly, and securely. It’s really quite simple, just like paying with Interac at the grocery store or gas station," says Chad. "But with an added bonus for the merchant, they get to reach customers who don’t have credit-cards!"

This service is often overlooked, as most business owners simply do not know that they can integrate this into their existing websites. There is no need for an expensive overhaul because the experts at can easily integrate this service into almost any existing website, web store, or e-commerce software.

Online e-commerce and mobile commerce trends are increasing each day so it makes sense to offer your customers easier, and safer payment methods.

There are several advantages that Interac Online Debit offers:

+ 73% of people surveyed want to use debit online
+ 74% prefer to use their own money over credit
+ 24 million Canadians already use Interac
+ Improved payment options to achieve better sales
+ The small per-transaction fee makes it perfect for big-ticket items. There are no charges based on a percent of your order total.
+ Low transaction risk - Interac Online payments will not process if your customer has no money available their bank account, and the bank, not you, are not responsible for verifying the cardholder identity

In order to achieve success online your business should incorporate proper website development standards. With the web design and e-commerce services offered by Hawk Design Group, you can greatly increase sales, and your return on investment in a short period of time. Customers will appreciate the preferred "in-person" method of payment, and increased payment options means increased sales.
Chad Reitsma