Artspace Warehouse Presents Transcontinental Junction

New art exhibition Transcontinental Junction opens Saturday January 19, 2013 with an artist reception from 5 to 8 PM at Artspace Warehouse featuring artists from South Africa, Germany, the East Coast and Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA, January 19, 2013 --( Gail Weissman is a professional Los Angeles artist with over twenty years of experience. Her large acrylic and mixed media paintings express the primordial acts of creation existing on the edge of a great abyss. She conveys her deep emotion in her work: “Our precarious position in the universe illustrates how special, unique and rare life really is.”

Intense color, complementary palettes, dancing brushstrokes and generously painted figures convey layers of subtle shades in the expressive oil paintings by German artist Barbara Egin. Loudness and silence eerily and successfully enrich and enhance each other in her compelling compositions.

South African artist Natasha June utilizes the uncompromising mark of the charcoal as well as the ability to manipulate the particles. Thinned out oils create an additional dimension in her stark colorful portraiture while adding the dangerous inability for correction.

Originally from Chicago and now in Los Angeles; the career of painter Cinzia Ferda has literally spanned the continent. At an early age she was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts scholarship to the United States International University in San Diego. Her richly textured contemporary works range from global earthy themes featuring glimmers of metal leaf to edgy urban fare swathed in black drips and swirls.

Artspace Warehouse, one of the world's leading galleries for savvy contemporary art collectors, combines very different artists from locales spanning the Western Hemishpere in this new exhibition Transcontinental Junction.

Artspace Warehouse specializes in guilt free international, urban, pop, street, photographic and abstract art with affordable contemporary art galleries in Zurich and Los Angeles.
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