Renaissance Windows and Doors Brings Impact Windows from Hurd and Showcase to Customers in Houston

Established more than 15 years ago, Renaissance Windows and Doors is one of the premier window contractors in Houston. Window replacement is their specialty, and the company always maintains an impressive stock of impact windows. That way, customers wishing to make their homes safer by installing such windows do not have to go through a long process of buying the windows from one place and getting those installed by calling in professional help from another company.

Houston, TX, January 20, 2013 --( Renaissance Windows and Doors, one of the premium window contractors in Houston, Texas, has just added Hurd FeelSafe and Showcase Custom Vinyl windows to their inventory. Offering unparalleled sturdiness, these windows are capable of holding their own against natural disasters like hurricanes, as well as physical impacts from objects like baseball bats and bricks, which are often used by burglars to break into homes by shattering windows.

Hurd FeelSafe windows are made of high-strength, laminated, shatter-resistant glass, and offer unparalleled durability and resistance against physical impacts and hurricanes. Capable of creating a sharp difference in air pressure between the insides and outsides of a house, a hurricane can cause a house to collapse inward, or even blow the roof right off the house. Hurd FeelSafe impact windows are capable of withstanding such pressures and then some, protecting your family against the fury of Mother Nature.

That is not the only advantage these windows can offer, either. Hurd FeelSafe windows are also capable of:

Blocking up to 99% of UV rays from the sun. Prolonged exposure to these rays can result in fading of color in furniture and reduction of lifespans of upholstery. Besides, too much exposure to UV rays is a well-known cause for skin cancer. Preventing these deadly rays from entering your home keeps your family and furnishing safe.

Reducing outside noise by up to 50%. This ensures you can relax in a relatively quiet atmosphere, even in a particularly noisy neighborhood.

Offering superior energy efficiency. Hurd windows are Energy Star rated, and help homeowners reduce expenses on electricity.

Showcase is a company local to Houston, Texas. Established in 1984, Showcase offers impact windows tested against hurricanes Rita, Katrina, and Ike to residents of Houston, Texas and surrounding regions. Their windows are made of two layers of double-strength, laminated, and tempered glass. A KeepSafe Maximum® PVB interlayer is bonded between two sheets of glass under high pressure in each pane, ensuring that the panes retain their dimensions even in the face of a raging hurricane.

That's not all! The vinyl frames used to encase Showcase window panes are thicker, heavier and stronger than those provided by other manufacturers of vinyl frames. It ensures that the windows last for years, offering excellent value for your money. Also, the KeepSafe interlayer is capable of blocking UV rays of the sun up to a maximum limit of 300 nanometer, keeping your home and family safe from these rays.

In a region where hurricanes are frequent like Houston, window replacement is one of the first steps you can take to make your home truly a safe place to live in. Hurd FeelSafe and Showcase impact windows go a long way in protecting your home against such natural disasters, offering you complete peace of mind.
Renaissance Windows & Doors
Sandra Jones