Collaboration Between the Artist Kris Tate and Wysiwatch Watches

The artist, Kris Tate, based in Manchester, collaborates with the young French watches brand, Wysiwatch. 5 limited edition watches on

London, United Kingdom, January 20, 2013 --( French watches brand likes collaborations with artists who have a unique universe. After the Jamault gallery artists: Pauline Gagnon, Arnaud Liard and Didier Avril, then the specialist patchwork artist, Jo Y Posso and finally, most recently with Jak Arnould, a real French flair.

Again this is a highly creative collaboration that is taking place, with Kris Tate, a Guatemalan illustrator based in Manchester, UK. Her style is inspired by her roots and the love to forest animals. But in her designs, they found a '80s and '90s touch (bright colors and geometric shapes).

Kris Tate has worked with Urban Outfitters, Wall Art Gallery, Modernaked, Blood is the New Black, East End Prints and of course Ohh Deer.

5 models of watches are available in limited edition in Small model (33mm diameter - 49 euros) and in XL version (40mm) to 54 euros.

Just on the brand eshop:
Thibault Fagu