New York Plantings Expands Their Scope to New Jersey and Pennsylvania

New York Plantings expands their scope of business in providing quality gardening and landscaping services to New Jersey and East Pennsylvania.

New York, NY, January 21, 2013 --( New York Plantings, the leading garden designers and landscape contractors, has started the year by extending their service to New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. They have already been serving quality garden design and landscaping projects in Newark, New Jersey and Allentown and East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors have been in the industry for almost two decades. These master gardeners had exceeded their vision of making “New York beautiful, one yard at a time” as they embark to another challenge of fulfilling their vision to neighboring states. Their “Going Green” project has been successful as their custom planter box service has become popular not just to residential projects but also in commercial-business clients. Green-roof and rooftop garden had been popular to cities, especially to New York City apartment, condominium and penthouse homeowners. They had also been introducing ground covers as part of their garden design. Todd Nappi, President of New York Plantings, has the right people for the job. New York Plantings has experts and specialists in the fields of garden designing, renovation, outdoor carpentry, planter making, horticulture, and many more. They also utilize up-to-date tools especially in planning as they employ 3D CAD Rendering for customers to better visualize their desired garden design. New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors are customer-centered; they had built strong business rapports in New York which made their business boom to nearby states.

New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division have also been flourishing in servicing irrigation and lighting needs to New York, New Jersey and East Pennsylvania. Service like winterizing irrigation system had gone well in past month. Now with the upcoming season, installation and repair of irrigation systems are in demand. New York Plantings Irrigation Specialist are also available for consultation services for clients to have a better understanding of irrigation system that is right for their place. They also have emergency irrigation service repair available 24-hours a day.

New York Plantings has a wide range of services such as outdoor carpentry, garden design, gardening services, landscape consultation, irrigation services, masonry, natural stone work, arborist services, horticulture, vertical gardening, and a lot more. Their office is located at Box 1229, 432 E14th St., Manhattan, NY 10009. For more information about their services, contact (347) 558 7051 or visit their website at or mail them at for inquires.

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