12 Volume "Visit the Zoo" Just Released

Volume 12 of the 12-Book Series "Visit the Zoo" has just been released and is now available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble NOOK. In the "Visit the Zoo" series, readers experience the marvelous and fascinating world of the modern zoo. With close-up and personal photography and compact description readers are introduced to over 120 zoo animals.

Phoenix, AZ, January 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- “Visit the Zoo” - A Childrens/Young Adult Twelve Book Series by Tom Smith

Just Released, Volume XII, the final edition in a new non-fiction children’s & young adult book series “Visit the Zoo” from writer Tom Smith and publisher Frederick Fichman, has now been published. All twelve books in the complete series are now available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble NOOK.

With over 120 zoo animals in twelve separate books, “Visit the Zoo” takes you on a walking tour of the zoo through vivid, close-up and personal photography, with concise and easy to read descriptions of the animals. The marvelous aspect of this series is that in each animal description you learn something fascinating, new and even astonishing about their anatomy or behavior. This exciting journey through the modern zoo with its large collection of familiar and strange creatures is also a wonderful educational tool for young or not-so-young minds. The population status of each animal, endangered or not, is described and details of their habitat, diet, dimensions and longevity are discussed as well.

The purpose of the series is to expose our young ones to the animals that share our planet. From all corners of our world zoos have collected these wondrous creatures from places on earth that most of these children and young adults will never visit.

All of the volumes are written in easy to understand conversational language that children, young adults or even adults will enjoy reading. The pace of the presentation is concise and moves the reader along quickly through the enclosures, paddocks and displays of the zoo.

The entire twelve-book series is now complete with the release today of Volume XII. The books are available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble NOOK. Free smartphone apps are also available to purchase these great books for viewing on tablets, iPads and other handheld devices. These books can also be purchased with use of those free apps for viewing on home computers as well.

A Sample Chapter from Volume XII is available at the visit-the-zoo website.

“Visit the Zoo” series, volumes I-XII is available on Amazon Kindle.

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“Visit the Zoo” series, volumes I-XII is also available on Barnes&Noble NOOK.

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