Weight Loss Bootcamp a Healthy Hit

Lewisburg, PA, January 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- On Thursday, January 24, Crystal Holistic Health's founder, Christina Major, will be leading a group of health seekers to lose weight. The Slim & Healthy New Year Bootcamp takes these people through the steps to change their life in a positive way.

In the calls, participants will learn why getting healthy is more important than just losing weight, why past attempts fail and how to avoid it in the future and the three big keys to making choices that will keep weight off in the future.

Most of the weight loss programs on the market work, as long as people are on them. After the program, people do not have the knowledge or wisdom to continue. This is why so many people fail; the program itself keeps people from learning how to eat healthy.

This bootcamp is different. At the end of the calls, participants will have a plan for the future and the tools to succeed. The bootcamp is designed for people who want this to be the last weight loss program they are ever on.

More information is available at the website for Crystal Holistic Health.
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