Highly Converting "Internet Marketing" Website for Sale

Established in December 2012 and already having made 80+ sales within 3 weeks, this highly-converting site dedicated to showing internet marketing newbies how to finally make their first money online is now for sale! DynamicDetonationProfits.com is a website that has gained massive popularity among internet marketers during the last month - read on to find out why.

New York, NY, January 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- In January 2013, the owner of the website and CEO of Austrian-based Internet Marketing company DDP Marketing Inc., has decided to sell the website by listing it at an Internet Auction on the Australian based auction site Flippa.com.

Interested parties can find the auction at the following link: https://flippa.com/2875371-hot-100-unique-internet-marketing-product-more-than-80-sales-within-3-weeks

Commented by Alexander Baxter, the CEO of DDP Marketing Inc.: "The final decision to sell the website was made in early January, after seeing how popular the website got when it already sold 80+ units within just 3 weeks of starting."

"Also, maintaining websites is simply a side-venture here at DDP Marketing Inc. and we've recently changed internal structure to pursue new goals and don't have enough resources to keep giving this project the attention it deserves," Baxter added.

The company decided to list http://dynamicdetonationprofits.com for sale at Australian based Flippa.com mainly because this is the largest marketplace dedicated to auctioning websites and well-known throughout the world.

The auction for DynamicDetonationProfits.com starts at a starting bid of just $1 and even though there is a reserve price set for this 14-day auction, the company hopes to see a winning bid that exceeds $1500.
DDP Marketing Inc.
Alex Baxter
Website Auction Listing: https://flippa.com/2875371-hot-100-unique-internet-marketing-product-more-than-80-sales-within-3-weeks