National Futures and Commodities Exchange Releases One-Stop Web Market Portal for Active Traders

NFCX, has launched today its newest service to day traders who trade stocks, penny stocks, stocks options and Forex trading via one stop web market portal for active stock traders.

London, United Kingdom, January 23, 2013 --( The new trade service, the Stock Message Board is the firms’ newest and interactive trading service which is powered and supported by the latest version of Bulletin Messaging System. Along with this new messaging service, comes a platform that provides additional support to investors, particularly day traders in futures trading, stock options, stocks, penny stocks, online stocks as well as Forex trading. This new online messaging board of the National Futures and Commodities Exchange will serve as the firm’s community forum for active traders which are also supported with trading videos sand blogs.

The new online messaging board will make use of the electronic Communications Networks’ advantages that help control trading technology to bring up the stock markets to huge number of small investors. The Online Massage Board Forum is especially designed for day traders of penny stocks, stocks options, futures trading, international stock market as well as foreign exchange trading. Furthermore, the new online forum is aimed at providing education focused on stock trading and trading software that is also expected to provide essential tools for trading analysis of stocks executed in the stock markets.

Since the new forum is focused on providing service to day traders, and as everybody knows that day trading is concerned about winning positive earnings in short term, the online message board introduces one but extraordinary concept- providing conclusive information related to the stock market.

The said forum as well as community blogs, with the help of technological advancement today, will provide platforms and systems for sharing comprehensive information, trading ideas and opinions on brokers and their offered trading services that will assist members of the forum in evaluating the ups and downs of the stock markets. Since small investors are starved for information, the members of Trade4all who trade in penny stocks, for example, would find the penny stock forum on the message board a boon in their trading activity. The various threads of discussions on the stock forums ensure that the flow of information remains constant.

National Futures and Commodities Exchange is also expecting to expand its blogging community in the near future as it sees a tremendous growth in blogging community with specific topic such as futures and options, not to mention blogs focused on stock markets. With the unstoppable growth of social media networking sites like facebook, multiply and twitter, the new web market portal offers its registered members the opportunity to log on the firm’s website using their accounts in social networking sites.
Aaron Ward