New Website Launches to Help Users Increase Their Social Media Audience

Socialpaybox just announced their launch at, an exchange community that allows users to increase their social media audience and present social profiles for thousands of people worldwide.

Madrid, Spain, January 24, 2013 --( With Socialpaybox, users can promote their profiles to thousands of people around the world. This helps build and strengthen any brand or product through social networks.

It is a fact that the digital consumer spends more and more time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, among others. A proper social media action strategy improves the results of many campaigns as consumers become more technologically involved than ever before.

As shown in the study on Internet Social Networking by Nielsen, users continue to devote the majority of their time on social networks rather than other web categories, spending 20% of their time through desktop computers and 30% through their mobile devices. Companies should not ignore the use of social media as important sources of traffic and sales in their planning with the aim of improving the visibility and positioning of their brand or product in order to optimize conversions.

That’s where Socialpaybox comes in. Socialpaybox is a startup social exchange, a place where users can increase their followers on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google+. Socialpaybox users share their social profiles and offer credits in exchange for each like they receive, and also earn credits by clicking on any page like other users.
"Social media has the potential to influence consumers and represent a great opportunity for brands to sign a plus. We should not underestimate the influence of social media and the impact on our business," says Andres Ponce, CEO and Founder at Socialpaybox.

The benefits of Socialpaybox are the ability to increase a social media audience and traffic in order to attract real user traffic to your pages and present a product or brand to thousands of users worldwide. Likewise, users will benefit from the ability to improve brand positioning and thus lead to more online sales conversions.

So who can use Socialpaybox? Pretty much anyone. Socialpaybox targets companies, agencies, users, and everyone who has a page on any social network and needs to increase their audience.

Socialpaybox invites everyone to be a part of their community as they increase their social networking and improve conversion rates easily. Learn more about Socialpaybox website.
Andres Ponce