SprinkleBit Gives Free Access to Interactive Finance and Investing Education

SprinkleBit University content opened up to the public.

San Diego, CA, January 25, 2013 --(PR.com)-- SprinkleBit, the first authentically social online investing platform, today announced they have opened SprinkleBit University (SBU), an interactive finance and investing educational resource, to the public.

“At SprinkleBit we believe in the open and free flow of information, especially when it comes to making decisions about your money,” said Alexander Wallin, CEO, SprinkleBit. “Everyone should have access to the best investing information and that's why we're building this platform. SprinkleBit University is one of our many platform offerings that will help us achieve our mission of making investing within reach for everyone.”

SprinkleBit is giving free access to seven chapters and counting of its SBU content to the public. The basic concepts of investing are covered in these comprehensive, interactive learning modules including: Why Invest?; How to Choose an Investment Style; What is Risk?; What is a Sector Vs. an Industry?; How to Use Stock Market Indices; What is Market Capitalization?; and more. SprinkleBit presents these concepts through succinct, easy-to-understand material using real-world examples, videos and interactive quizzes. Simply go to this link and select “Start Education” to begin: http://www.sprinklebit.com/education/

SprinkleBit.com’s online investing community is free to join. Members can use SprinkleBit’s virtual Social Trading that allows its members to trade in a virtual environment. This gives novice investors an opportunity to put into practice what they learn about the markets without putting any real money at risk. And it provides a platform for experienced investors to test strategies, as well. Premium services and SBU education content are also available for a low monthly fee.

Today SprinkleBit members can trade on the virtual platform, but in the coming months the company will be hosting a complete suite of financial services for the community, including secure on-line trading and crowdfunding through its subsidiary’s brokerage.

About SprinkleBit
Founded in 2011, SprinkleBit is the first authentically social online investing platform designed for the DIY investor. SprinkleBit offers an innovative Social Trading platform that leverages the collective financial wisdom of the crowd to empower and simplify your investments, as well as top-notch interactive finance and investing education for both novice and experienced investors. For more information and to become a member of SprinkleBit (it’s free), please visit www.SprinkleBit.com. You can also follow SprinkleBit on Twitter at www.twitter.com/SprinkleBit.
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