New Self-Improvement Book Teaches About Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality and Their World

New self-improvement book about Taoist inspired spirituality just released by licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Jean-Marie Paglia.

New York, NY, January 25, 2013 --( The Way For Mankind is an analysis of the world's present condition seen from a spiritual vantage point. The author's holistic view exposes the major problems facing the world today: arms budgets, twisted democracy, nuclear energy, overpopulation, giant cities, etc. and allows them to consider what the solutions might be.

Paglia believes no one can do this without the coherent and unified vision of the world that can be found in ancient knowledge such as the tradition of Tao.

He goes on to say, "This ageless wisdom offers a profound and little-known understanding of the origin and structure of the world. It gives us the means to understand what we are, what our destiny might be and how we might best live. Among the leads to follow to get us out of the mess we have created is the realization that our way of thinking is flawed when we restrict ourselves to rational thought at the expense of the mystical intimations necessary to save us and for us to be truly ourselves."

Gain a true understanding of original wisdom and how it can affect and change your life in, "The Way for Mankind."

Book Information:
The Way for Mankind
Author: Jean-Marie Paglia
Publisher: JMP Publishing
ISBN: 978-2953721867
Published: September 2012
Pages: 224

About The Author:
Jean-Marie Paglia is a professor and licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He specializes in the study of taoist teachings and draws inspiration from the modern elucidation of this ancient wisdom. He hopes this will be a rewarding experience for all readers.

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Jean-Marie Paglia

The Way for Mankind is available for purchase online through the author's website,, and other online retailers.
Jean-Marie Paglia