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London, United Kingdom, January 25, 2013 --( MultiWealth – Online Investment Adviser provides money management services which are based on the modern portfolio theory, also taking into account the individual risk tolerance. In addition, the company offers analytical content.

The cornerstone of MultiWealth Investment Adviser is the well-recognized model of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). Most scholars and investment professionals value MPT as probably the best approach to managing individual portfolios. Until recently, rigorous MPT-based financial guidance has only been available from high-end financial advisors, who require the minimum size of client accounts in the millions of dollars, and charge fees of 1% or higher. MultiWealth is democratizing access to the benefits of MPT via a service that is simple, free of charge, financially rigorous and available to investors of any scale.

Unlike traditional financial advisors, who charge annual fees of at least 1.0%, MultiWealth doesn't require the advisory fee.

Mission: To help people to multiply their own wealth.

Purpose: MultiWealth - Online portal allows individuals to manage their investments by using the modern science.

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