New Report: CES Power Shifts

A report on the strategic shifts seen at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show that will affect new and established businesses.

Cupertino, CA, January 25, 2013 --( A new report from DIGDIA gives insights into three important power shifts in the consumer electronics industry.

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show had 3,250 exhibitors showing off 20,000 new products spread over nearly 2 million square feet. Thousands of articles have been written about many of these new products already, including at But, for people that are responsible for the future directions of a company, the trick is to spot the strategic power shifts in the markets. These power shifts can hint at new growth opportunities for a company, or indicate threats to a company's existing businesses.

DIGDIA has been attending CES for almost two decades. People that say "there is nothing really new at this year's CES" are not really looking. People that get excited by the latest gadgets aren't looking for the long term implications. "CES 2013 Power Shifts" is a report that takes a look at three areas and thinks about the longer term implications for people in consumer electronics Marketing and R&D. The three areas looked at are, broadly speaking:

Phone & Tablet - opportunities are opening up for non-established players

TV - ground floor for a next generation technology

Automotive Electronics - industry is embracing it, but some original issues remain

The report also touches on one threat to established consumer electronics companies that was quite visible at this year's CES.
Gary Sasaki