Woodlake Commodity Solutions Proffers Another Online Trading Functionality via Twitter

Woodlake Commodity Solutions, one of the most proven efficient commodity brokerage service provider in London, will soon release its new online trading service functionality via social media network Twitter.

London, United Kingdom, January 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Woodlake Commodity Solutions, an internationally recognized brokerage firm for innovative and state-of–the art online trading platform is now on the process of integrating and embedding Twitter into its trading platform which allows clients to completely realize and enjoy the benefits of using Twitter while trading. Woodlake Commodity Solutions’ active clients can now monitor their trade status via Twitter, enabling them to reply to tweets and even post their own content to Twitter without having to open another application or no need to open another browser.

With the additional online trading functionality via Twitter, Mr. Kevin Simpson, the Managing Director of Woodlake Commodity Solutions said: “The expansion of our online trading functionalities indicates that we continue empowering our clients with utmost information needed in accomplishing every investment goal of our clients.”

The newly added functionality enables clients to regularly check posted tweets specifically about stocks and click through the provided links which often offer updated news, analysis and comprehensive commentaries from particular brokerage firm, financial company or from the entire brokerage industry.

“With our extensive experience in this industry, we know that the best traders are those who are exposed most to the recent and appropriate information related to industry. As soon as the new twitter functionality will be released, our clients can now integrate twitter with their chosen trading platform to better monitor guided information on ETFs, options strategies, stocks, hedge and futures,” said Kevin Simpson.”This is one of our service offering to our active clients who want their tools combined in one place. We will be working hard to offer additional features to our social networking functionalities merged with our trading platform to help our clients in their investments and researches,” added Mr. Kevin Simpson.

“Our online functionality expansion ensures that our clients are accurately and resourcefully armed with the right information. Our new Twitter’s open interface and robust information sharing capacity made the incorporation effortlessly attainable. We acknowledge that social network Twitter is a place where most of our clients are using to monitor market related news and industry developments. So, there is no need to open another application, when you can have Twitter integrated in your most preferred platform,” said Kevin Simpson.
Woodlake Commodity Solutions
Jason Reid