Migraine-Away Gets Peace of Mind with a New Site from 360 PSG

Migraine-Away recently redesigned its new e-commerce website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Buffalo, NY, January 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Migraine-Away, an all-natural migraine prevention treatment for migraines and chronic headaches, recently redesigned its new e-commerce website www.migraine-away.com with 360 Professional Services Group.

Migraine-Away is a unique, patent-pending migraine prevention supplement composed of four naturally-occurring ingredients: Riboflavin, Magnesium, Feverfew, and CO Q 10, that work together to significantly reduce and eliminate the disability and fear associated with recurrent migraines.

Migraine-Away was developed by Dr. Kelleher, a practicing family physician who has been caring for migraine headache sufferers since 1996. After years of successfully treating individual migraine patients with variations of ingredients and doses, Migraine-Away was produced for sale to the general public in hopes of curbing the chronic and debilitating condition of migraine headaches.

During October of 2011, Migraine-Away's existing website received a complete look & feel design conversion so that it may operate on the Fission Content Management System, a powerful CMS which contains built-in search engine optimization tools that have the potential to increase search engine ranking and improve visibility online. Migraine-Away also opted for an upgraded SEO package to include advanced analytics, keyword research, and copy clean-up.

In addition to search optimization, 360 PSG's programming team gave Migraine-Away's new site selling capability with the Fission Storefront component, a powerful e-commerce solution, so that visitors to the site may purchase Migraine-Away directly through the company's website.

This year, with their website still on the Fission Web System, Migraine-Away's website was able to undergo a complete redesign to better represent their product, without compromising so much as a day of service. The new design will also make it much easier for customers to gather information about Migraine-Away's products and make purchases online.

Migraine-Away's site remains hosted on 360 PSG's secure servers at their business class datacenter in downtown Buffalo, NY.
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