See Yourself on the Cover of Classic Magazines

Dispatches, the app that helps you rapidly turn your photos into brilliant iPad magazines now features classic magazine covers.

Portland, ME, January 26, 2013 --( Dispatches, the app for transforming your personal adventures into a visual iPad magazine now offers classic magazine covers. See yourself, or that majestic sunrise photo you took, on an iconic magazine cover. Choose from covers inspired by National Geographic, Time, and Life to name a few. A fun and exciting way to present visual stories and moments from your life.

Introduce your Dispatch with a custom cover that shows off your compilation. Now with a dozen offerings, choose between classic styles that will evoke nostalgia or unique new themes. Instantly change cover styles and pick one that best fits your story. “There is a bit of magic when you see an image from your family Thanksgiving on the cover of Life magazine, or your personal vacation photos on a National Geographic themed cover,” said Dispatches spokesman Matthew Stowell.

A new twist on sharing a story or an event from your life, Dispatches are chronological filings assembled as customized iPad magazines. Show off the adventures from your life in a new and exciting way. Fast and easy to assemble, watch your photos remix on the page at the push of a button.“The explosion of photos generated by iPhones and iPads means people are looking for alternative and better ways of presenting them to their personal audience. Instagram and Facebook are adequate for sharing a photo, but for telling a story or creating something that doesn't disappear in the black hole of a news feed, Dispatches is superior,” said Stowell.

Dispatches brings visual storytelling to the iPad, now your personal images on the covers of famous magazines. Available in the App store:
Matt Stowell