The Alchemist's Memory Will be Awakened

A release announcing the publication of The Alchemist's Memory, a YA fantasy novel, as an eBook.

Toms River, NJ, January 28, 2013 --( The Alchemist's Memory is a classic style YA fantasy tale for the young adult reader written by Katie Gatto. It traces the story of a young, but surprisingly powerful, woman whose decisions will impact the fate of her kingdom.

Callia has been uncommonly lucky and uncommonly unlucky. Since waking up with no memory of who she truly is her life has been calm and peaceful, but the urge to know who she is, and to find out the meaning behind the mysterious items in the bag found with her when she awoke. A trip to see a clerical healer, who she hopes will be able to give her a clue to her past, turns out to be much more than she counted on. Soon, Callia finds herself in an uncertain world where what she knows could change the fate of the whole kingdom and put her and her ambitious older brother on the throne.

Katie Gatto is self releasing this e-book, the first in a series of three novella length stories centered around Callia's decision and it's consequences, on the Smashwords platform on February 1st. Free review samples are available upon request in .pdf, .mobi and .epub. Other formats preferred by reviewers can be provided on a request basis.

Katie Gatto is a self-published author who hopes to bring the joy of fantasy stories she first experienced as a child to her own readers. She holds a BA in English Literature, a M.S. in Information Systems and currently teaches at Monmouth University.
Katie Gatto
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