Social Media Network Helps Remembering Loved Ones

New memorial website transforms social media and provides the opportunity to never be forgotten.

Lloydminster, Canada, January 29, 2013 --(, a new startup social media network enables members to preserve their memories and life legacy into the future.

MyOwnJourney has transformed the way social media is used by allowing members to catalogue their life’s accomplishments or those of a loved one. Offering unlimited data storage for photos, videos, sound bytes and text, members are encouraged to document an in-depth account of their life’s journey to be cherished by friends, family and future generations.

The website serves as a platform for members to write their autobiography, protect digital assets, pass on private messages to friends and family and allows for remembering loved ones as well as the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the world.

“Death is a subject that many of us try to avoid thinking about. However, preparing for the inevitable ahead of time can provide some measure of closure and completeness to one’s journey through life. MyOwnJourney helps individuals craft the legacy that they want left behind to describe their life,” said CEO and founder, Andrew Romocki, P.Eng., MBA.

"Ever since the beginning of mankind, humans have left markers to remember loved ones that have passed on. Clearly, there is an overwhelming urge to leave a memorial for individuals that have passed, lest they be forgotten forever. Fortunately, MyOwnJourney allows for this to happen in an interactive fashion through social media and technology," said Romocki. "Instead of reading a few lines on a tombstone, people are encouraged to tell their story how they want it told and preserve it for generations to come."

“As a new parent, I want to be able to provide my children and future grandchildren with important information now, in the event that I’m not around to do it later,” stated Romocki, “and I believe that’s a universally shared sentiment.”

As a gift to commemorate the official launch, the first 500 members to join MyOwnJourney will receive a complimentary premium account for 5 years.
Vicky Romocki