Bella Elegante Hosts New Year's Parties

Houston, TX, January 30, 2013 --( Bella Elegante, a popular event venue in Houston, hosted several New Year's parties to ring in 2013. Unlike other holiday season events, New Year's celebrations typically occur in a tighter timespan, putting pressure on the event venue in Houston to execute at an even higher level. The event venue in Houston managed to host a record number of New Year's events. Its event planners and event coordinators handled the increased number of events in its Fuzion Ballroom or Grand Ballroom through creative planning and innovative implementation.

Bella Elegante's prime location in Downtown Houston consistently makes it a popular event venue in Houston for both business and family New Year's parties and events. The elegance of the event venue in Houston surrounded by the gleaming skyscrapers of Downtown Houston is sure to enhance any New Year's party for family, friends, or coworkers. Event planners and event coordinators have ballrooms both large and small for use to host New Year's events.

Large business New Year's parties and events can be hosted in Bella Elegante's Grand Ballroom, the largest ballroom at the event venue in Houston. The Grand Ballroom has capacity for up to 500 guests, so the Grand Ballroom will host all but the largest business New Year's events. Event planners and event coordinators can help businesses set up menus, drinks, and other amenities, such as music, other entertainment, and a podium and presentation setup since some businesses like to do holiday awards and presentations.

The Fuzion Ballroom at Bella Elegante is more appropriate for smaller business New Year's events as well as family and friend New Year's parties. Its smaller size makes it a more intimate event venue and more appropriate for the smaller number of expected guests at a New Year's event hosted by a family or a small business. The hosts can choose what kind of food and drinks is served at the holiday event, and the event venue can source most of the setup, decoration, and teardown work in-house, saving time and money for the event hosts.

Bella Elegante is already one of the premier event venues in Houston, and its ability to host a record number of New Year's events has display the capabilities of the event planners and event coordinators. The iconic location in Downtown Houston surrounded by skyscrapers and outstanding event packages meant that New Year's events were planned and event slots were full very early. The Grand Ballroom and Fuzion Ballroom are excellent backdrops for any New Year's party, and Bella Elegante encourages anyone interested in hosting any New Year's event to consider Bella Elegante.

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