Hemys Releases Debut Single "The Movement" as Free Download

Tynman recording artist Hemys is releasing his debut single as a free download at Tynman Entertainment's website

Orlando, FL, July 31, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Central Florida Hip-Hop veteran Hemys is ready to claim his rightful place amongst the legends in hip-hop. His self-produced single “The Movement” is a hard-hitting anthem that will cause listeners to keep rewinding it for something they missed the first time. It is Hip Hop at its truest; hot beats and smart flows bringing that Golden Era appeal, combined with a modern feel, back to Hip Hop. And its free.

Hemys started out in the South Florida-based group "The Spheres", a hip-hop group that cut its teeth at local talent shows and high school performances. Following his departure from The Spheres, he became a founding member of the quintessential Skills Foundation (SF), the Orlando-based collective that was known for unabashed lyricism and no-holds barred performances. He spent the next few years blazing a trail with SF and also with the offshoot trio, MagnusFam.

Now it’s 2007 and people are speculating that Hip Hop is dead, but Hemys is here to provide the shock to revive the heart of Hip-Hop for the fans who love it. "The Movement" is the first sign of intelligent life in a good while. But why give away music for free? "For so many years, the music industry has been about baiting the listener into buying music", says Duane Tyndale, owner of Tynman Entertainment. "We feel the best way to introduce people to Hemys' style is to actually give the listener something to believe in and let them decide whether or not they want to support him as an artist".

To download "The Movement" for free, check out Tynman Entertainment's website.

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