Axiell's Library Customers Adopt Automated Invoicing Processes to Save Time and Costs

Axiell’s EDI-Hub processes its 10,000th file.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, January 30, 2013 --( Many of Axiell’s UK public library customers are using its EDI-Hub for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to automate the order to invoicing processes for library stock, including acknowledgements and quotes from suppliers such as Askews & Holts and Bertrams Library Service. The technology and services specialist’s EDI-Hub technology operates in real-time and recognises the need for local authorities to continue to make cost and time efficiency savings, to automate day-to-day tasks to help improve their services to communities, and to modernise public services.

The first customer, Wakefield, went live on the EDI-Hub on 10th July 2012 and in November a milestone was already reached when Axiell processed the 5,000th file received through the Hub, followed swiftly by the 10,000th file by the end of 2012.

Over 30 customers (around one third of the customer base) are already live on the EDI-Hub, including Devon, Dublin City, members of the London Libraries Consortium, as well as Surrey and Wakefield.

Customers can either take the EDI-Hub as part of a managed service or as a standalone solution. Both are designed to integrate with Axiell’s OpenGalaxy library management system, with the managed service having the added benefit of Axiell ensuring that the files are processed successfully and removing from the library the burden of running a PC-based EDI software solution.

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