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Great deals on owned private number plates. Prices are guaranteed to be the lowest around and cannot be purchased cheaper anywhere else. These number plates start at only £199.

South Staffordshire, United Kingdom, July 31, 2007 --( the UK's biggest and most respected private number plate dealer on-line, have put some of their stock up for sale. There are some pretty good deals which will make people wonder why they never even considered having a private car registration number for their car or just as an investment, a long time ago. Number plates can be a very good investment too.

These private number plates are wholly owned by and therefore can be sold at very good price; in fact actually state that they have the lowest prices guaranteed.

The fact that these private car number plates, cannot be purchased cheaper anywhere else, makes this a really great opportunity for some shrewd people to get into the exciting world of personalised car number plates. Prices start from around £199 and rise up to £132,500 for the very special number plate P2.

There are DVLA charges for the transfer of a number plate to another vehicle and some fairly complicated paperwork that needs to be sent off to the DVLA, but has a customer base who are so happy with the service that they receive from the staff who are always there to help with customer enquiries. This comes from being in the business since 1988.

About: Personally Your Registrations are market leaders for internet sales for Number Plates. have millions of private number plates available on a massive state of the art search system, prices for private number plates start from only £199 and go up to £500,000 for cherished number plates. Once the buyer has chosen and secured the private number plate, they can then be supplied as actual number plates.

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