Enables Anyone to Create Advanced Mobile and Web Apps launches to provide consumers and businesses the ability to quickly and cost effectively create and run full featured mobile and web apps. Has its goal set to democratize mobile and web application development.

San Francisco, CA, January 30, 2013 --( offers free ad-supported and paid subscriptions. The technical complexities for producing and delivering advanced mobile and web apps are taken care of behind a graphical user friendly interface.

“Billions of people out there love technology and have amazing ideas for apps, but they are unable to bring their ideas to fruition because there are large and growing barriers to programming and running commercial grade apps on a variety of mobile and desktop environments. WAG™ solves this issue,” Nisim Heletz, president, said in a statement.

He added “We have a great goal in front of us; it is to democratize mobile and web application development. Now everyone can create full featured highly engaging mobile and web applications without knowing how to program or how to run these apps for large scale audiences. The platform allows people to develop the apps graphically using only their web browser, distribute them for use on mobile devices and multiple web browsers, and run them for large scale audiences all without having to deal with any of the technical challenges.”

While there are graphical design tools programmers use for generating code, requires no code and generates no code to produce an app. The app designer does not need programming experience to use it. Advanced programming techniques such as AJAX and database development are already taken care of automatically, behind the scenes; professional design themes, data access and integration with any data source be it web based, or behind firewalls, custom drop down lists, inter related data, workflow, decision logic, advanced geo location, and many other common complexities are done graphically or automatically. Many features such as Facebook integration for viral app distribution are enabled with one click.

Another unique feature of is that an app is created once, and it immediately runs on all the major mobile devices including iOS and android and on all the major desktop browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. There is no need to compile the app for different types of mobile devices and distribute it to the various mobile app stores. In addition, users always have the most current version of the app without repeated downloading of app updates. is a new offering from Software Progressions Corporation, who has been developing the platform since 2002. The platform has been in use within quite a few large corporate customers but the server licensing has put it out of the reach of small and medium business and consumers. Now the platform is being made available via software as a service and even includes a no cost ad supported option.

The platform includes WAG™ Web Application Generator, Tracker TRM™, Cloud Portal™ and User Management. The suite has been licensed to enterprises under the Corporate Central™ and Unified Enterprise™ brands since 2002. The suite runs at corporate data centers, multiple cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, IBM Smart Cloud), and is now available via as SaaS.

The new model allows everyone from large enterprises all the way to individuals to truly go global with their service oriented architecture, making every organization and person a potential user.

Sign-up is available at the Corporate Central Web Site:

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Corporate Central’s goal is to democratize mobile and web application development. Corporate Central is available to organizations of all sizes and to individuals to create and run full featured mobile and web apps via free ad supported subscriptions or paid ad free subscriptions.

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